Co-Revolutionary Competition:
An Alternative War Game Inspired by the New Sciences
January 14-15, 2003


Red Move 4

Illustrations by Matt Sullivan, Alphachimp Studio, Inc.

Previous Move - ReCap

  • In Move 3, Red implemented new defense technologies and diplomatic maneuvers to counter Blue’s military overtures in our region. We also continued our strategy of aggressive economic competition and cyberattacks.
  • Subsequently, Blue has uncovered evidence linking the attacks to Red; meanwhile, its military posture in our region has been more aggressive.

Move Brief - Objective

  • To prevent Blue from establishing a military presence in Orange (or anywhere else in our region).
  • Continue to capitalize on our economic policies, expanding them into biotech as well as sustaining them in high-tech, et cetera.

Move Brief - Actions

  • Deal with threats posed by Blue-Orange alliance by
    • shutting down tourism entirely from Red, pointing out that Blue won’t be able to replace this revenue in longer term;
    • supporting Orange political parties and entities that are opposed to Blue;
    • Contracting to buy Purple’s entire annual oil output, thus increasing costs to Orange & Blue.
    • producing regime change in Orange;
    • if and as Blue base is built, encouraging extensive terrorist activity within Orange, exploiting geographical, cultural and economic divisions within Orange.
  • Carefully inaugurate untraceable outbreaks of possibly naturally caused bio-disasters, damaging industries within Blue that we’re now competing with in our biotech commercialization.
  • Begin to wind down our cyber-attacks gradually, claiming credit for tracking down many sources worldwide.

Move Brief – Expected Response

  • TBD

Minority Opinions

  • TBD


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