Co-Revolutionary Competition:
An Alternative War Game Inspired by the New Sciences
January 14-15, 2003


Blue Move 4

Illustrations by Matt Sullivan, Alphachimp Studio, Inc.

Previous Move - ReCap

  • Summary of Strategy
    • Information campaign to improve relationships with Rafta and European nations
    • Underwrite the security for the sea lanes
      • Counter drug and humanitarian operations with Red
      • Approach Orange about coalition operations
    • Protect Blue access to markets
    • Advocate balance news coverage in Red
    • Assess progress of investments
    • Bilateral negotiations with Red for BioTech, Security and Economics
  • Expectations v. Outcomes
  • Continue to squeeze Orange
  • Strengthen ties with Brown
  • Keep lobbying Europeans, slamming Blue and Green on Red TV
  • Assessment of success
  • Successful Humanitarian Ops with Red, but Red claims Blue violated Security Summit Agreement
  • WTO is concerned that Red is not playing within WTO guidelines.
  • DEPSECCOM reports Red product dumping in Blue capturing 7.5% of light manufacturing
  • market in Blue due to Blue quality control problems
  • SECDEF Orange meets with Ministry of Defense from Red
  • Orange agrees to Ops with Blue
  • Investments
  • Missile shield and Supercav 1&2 have delivered results in some cases better than expected and fully operational
  • EBO and advanced training systems are working as expected and are keeping us on top of threats, e.g., cyber, but cannot establish the identity of the attacker or the nature and extent of counter attacks. These technologies are not working as well with Red as with other countries.
  • IO technologies are working, but not deployed.
  • Congressional assessment of continued investment are mixed.

Move Brief - Objective

  • Build intnatl pressure to stop the IO attacks, and Information campaign against Blue
  • Define the economic attack as a hostile act
  • Develop negotiating leverage against Red
  • Develop political leverage within Red
  • Detailed assessment and response to IO attacks

Move Brief - Actions

  • Demand the $8B returned
  • Economic incentive for Green and Orange to produce the small manufactured goods of interest to Red
    • Investigate Blue QC issues
  • Offer A base with Orange (include Missile Defense shield offer to cover base and the rest of Orange and Purple)
  • Demand Red lift travel restrictions to Orange
  • Economic aid package to Orange to off set drop in tourism
  • Continue security negotiations with Red
  • Employ EBO and training to assess centers of gravity (e.g., political pressures, etc.) and begin pressuring cronies of Red leadership in an effort to change Red’s strategy.
  • Prepare a detailed IW contingency campaign.
  • Exploit intelligence of the defectors.
  • Step up covert ops to exploit/ Reverse Engineer Red Tech (UCAV Air defense & BioTech)

Move Brief – Expected Response

  • Lie like snakes
  • Retreat from Cyber Attacks for a brief period
  • Exploit their bio break through
    • They will not share the benefits of the BioTech advance
  • Red will Sell Defense Tech to a country friendly to Blue.
  • Some internal political pressure on Red will increase in response to Blue efforts

Minority Opinions

  • None

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