Co-Revolutionary Competition:
An Alternative War Game Inspired by the New Sciences
January 14-15, 2003


Move 3: Red Team

Illustrations by Peter Durand, Alphachimp Studio, Inc.

Move Brief - Objective

  • Prevent Blue from intruding military in our region, and from intimidating our neighbors.
  • Continue to compete aggressively with Blue in new economic sectors as well as the ones already conquered.
  • Increasing our military and economic dominance of our region.

Move Brief - Actions

  • Invest in short-range, defensive air superiority UCAVs and weapon technology, building on our Move 2 investment in airplane engines, general aviation aircraft and IT development.
  • Continue our semiconductor advancements into an advanced multifunction RF component technology, for counterstealth air surveillance and targeting. (Combined cost: $3 bn.)
  • Offer these technologies for sale to other countries as they’re developed.
  • Offer regional countries a free-trade zone and hold regional summits to discuss security assistance and economic cooperation.
  • Increase sophistication and subtlety of our cyber-attacks, and take measures to increase confusion about their sources. Offer Blue assistance in defending against attacks.
  • Institute restrictions on travel to Orange, to be lifted when (a) a free-trade zone is agreed and (b) Orange no longer operates unilaterally with Blue.
  • Commercially exploit biotech R&D, and enter Blue’s market with products from this field, announcing major medical & agricultural breakthroughs.

Move Brief – Expected Response

  • Consternation on the part of Blue.
  • Orange will probably ask Blue for more economic and military help. Blue won’t give enough to offset our pressure. Orange should eventually agree to exclude Blue.
  • Blue could start investing in other regional countries to take production away from Red. If so, Red should be prepared to outsource aggressively to those countries.


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