Co-Revolutionary Competition:
An Alternative War Game Inspired by the New Sciences
January 14-15, 2003


Move 1: Red Team

Illustrations by Matt Sullivan, Alphachimp Studio, Inc.

Move Brief - Objective

  • Increase Red’s economic clout and global influence, by taking over dominance of as many industries as possible from Blue.
  • Dominate our region economically and politically (as a by-product of the first objective).

Move Brief - Actions

Develop a regional economic mutual-interest group, and extend it gradually to other areas of the world.

  • Membership: Developing nations with large work forces.
  • Use this group to increase our influence by: promoting increased wages for developing world workers.
  • Fight piracy, drug trafficking.
  • Promote the group’s objectives via global TV network.
  • Promote ecologically responsible development.


  • Develop offensive information warfare capability targeting economic systems, emphasizing insertion of false information. ($5 bn)
  • Increase domestic information & technical security, emphasizing alternative & backup systems. ($10 bn)
  • Advanced cover/concealment/deception capability. ($5 bn)
  • Ecological & bio-defense research. ($8 bn) (publicly visible)
  • Sensors & mine fuzes for super-cavitational platforms. ($2 bn) (publicly visible)

Move Brief – Expected Response

We don’t expect Blue to see/react to the information warfare or information defense elements or the advanced cover/concealment investment.

Blue may respond to both our biotech investments and our TV network with propaganda questioning our motives and promoting their own benificence.

Minority Opinions

Some worry about Blue fomenting revolution or dissent internally, and believe we should spend money on internal security as a countermeasure. Some worry that Red should invest in autonomous UCAVs to counter Blue’s air superiority.


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