Co-Revolutionary Competition:
An Alternative War Game Inspired by the New Sciences
January 14-15, 2003


Move 2: Red Team

Illustrations by Matt Sullivan, Alphachimp Studio, Inc.

Previous Move - ReCap

  • Red sought to increase its economic clout and political influence, both regionally and globally, and to seize

Move Brief - Objective

  • To claim benefits of previous economic and diplomatic development work.
  • To use technological expertise to capture dominance in certain economic sectors.

Move Brief - Actions

  • Lobby Europe to push for treaties requiring eco-friendly production on a per-capita basis (statistically exploit large population).
  • Offer Western-style brands directly to Blue consumers (a la Eagle bikes), particularly in software, IT, small arms, boat engines, private planes.
  • Manage economic development to minimize vulnerability to resource price shocks. (Reap benefits of ecological responsibility.)
  • Explain to developing world that higher wages will benefit their economies (collective bargaining by developing world).


  • Use untraceable cyber-attacks to raise costs and reduce reliability of Blue products we’re competing with, including software, small high-tech manufacturing. (Many attacks that would not be easily identifiable as attacks.)
  • Use TV network to highlight verifiable abuses by Blue forces abroad (sexual harassment, property damage/seizures).
  • Propose military defensive alliance, with Blue and other regional countries against rogue nations and terrorist organizations, that caps Blue’s presence in Red’s region. Pact should allow combined operations only.

Move Brief – Expected Response

Minority Opinions

  • Some anxiety that we may have forfeited our economic advantages over Blue by advocating higher worldwide wages. Miscommunication with Green has aggravated this issue.
  • A “mirroring problem”: Are we unconsciously acting too nice, or too “Blue”? E.g. endorsing free trade, avoiding military escalation.


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