Co-Revolutionary Competition:
An Alternative War Game Inspired by the New Sciences
January 14-15, 2003


Game Timeline

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Move 1

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  • Maintain a future capability to contain Red
  • Data and understanding, cultural Intelligence
  • Grow capability to gather and understand the people, cultureā€¦..
  • Build Regional Relationships
  • Be prepared for worst case - WAR

Develops a regional economic mutual-interest group, and extends it gradually to other areas of the world, through:

  • Membership: Developing nations with large work forces.
  • Using this group to increase our influence by: promoting increased wages for developing world workers.
  • Fighting piracy, drug trafficking.
  • Promoting the group's objectives via global TV network.
  • Promoting ecologically responsible development.

Move 2

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  • Diplomatic initiatives to improve relationships with nations in the region and Protect Blue access to markets
  • Invites nations to an Economic summit
  • Collaborates in Peaceful Biotech with Red
  • Underwrites the security for the sea lanes
  • Petitions to get military cooperation amongst Blue and all nations of the region
  • Offers military to military exchanges
  • Explores the possibility to sell these countries military assets with the exception of Red
  • Verification of Red Intentions
  • Lobbies Europe to push for treaties requiring eco-friendly production on a per-capita basis (statistically exploit large population).
  • Offers Western-style brands directly to Blue consumers (a la Eagle bikes), particularly in software, IT, small arms, boat engines, private planes.
  • Manages economic development to minimize vulnerability to resource price shocks. (Reap benefits of ecological responsibility).
  • Explains to developing world that higher wages will benefit their economies (collective bargaining by developing world).

Move 3

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  • Reviews computer defense capabilities.
  • Information campaign defending our position.
  • Conducts humanitarian Op exercise and officer exchange with Red.
  • Conducts bilateral negotiations with individual nations to counter Red's efforts.
  • Offerrs to participate with Orange in a military training exercise.
  • Advocates a more balanced news coverage on Red TV.
  • Invests in short-range, defensive air superiority.
  • Continues semiconductor advancements.
  • Offers these technologies for sale to other countries as they're developed.
  • Offers regional countries a free-trade zone.
  • Increases sophistication and subtlety of cyber-attacks.
  • Institutes restrictions on travel to Orange Country.
  • Commercially exploits biotech R&D.

Move 4

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  • Demands the $8B stolen from its country returned.
  • Economic incentive for Green and Orange to produce the small manufactured goods of interest to Red
  • Offers a military base with Orange.
  • Demands Red lift travel restrictions to Orange.
  • Economic aid package to Orange.
  • Employs EBO and training to assess centers of gravity.
  • Prepares a detailed IW contingency campaign.
  • Exploits intelligence of the Red defectors.
  • Steps up covert ops to exploit/ Reverse Engineer Red Tech (UCAV Air defense & BioTech).
  • Deals with threats posed by Blue-Orange alliance by
    • shutting down tourism entirely from Red;
    • supporting Orange political parties and entities that are opposed to Blue;
    • Contracting to buy Purple’s entire annual oil output;
    • Producing regime change in Orange;
    • If a Blue base is built, encouraging extensive terrorist activity within Orange.
  • Carefully inaugurate untraceable outbreaks of possibly naturally caused bio-disasters within Blue.
  • Begins to wind down our cyber-attacks.

Move 5

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  • Covertly deploys Blue's cyber-attack against Red to deplete but not eliminate Reds financial Resources and distribute them amongst multiple disadvantaged countries
  • Addresses UN re. Cyber Attacks
  • Investigates Red's Bio Tech developments
  • Maintains ongoing military, political and economic initiatives in the region
    • Build Base on Orange
  • Bankrolls Orange’s purchase of Miltary hardware (covertly)
  • Approaches Red on sharing their Tech Developments

Final Assessment


This is a tough call, since Blue is always at a disadvantage. Although bolstered by seemingly unlimited resources, Blue is faced with a major paradox:

  1. Blue must advance its progress in a foreign region without trigering a catastrophe, and...
  2. Blue is subject to intense scrutiny of its methods and intentions, while being vulnerable to negative popular opinion.

In this game, however, Red wins!

By prosecuting a constantly shifting (and successfully covert) methodology, the Red team provoked and frustrated Blue's ambitions in the region. Red accomplished this without triggering a hot war or outright destruction of its government or assets.



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