The Brain

This software will change forever the way you file your electrons.   Or not. Consider it a litmus test of your ability to innovate.

Chief of Naval Operations Strategic Studies Group

A think tank that takes tasking only from and reports directly to the “CEO” of the U.S. Navy, the SSG, headed by retired four-star admiral James R. Hogg, is charged with developing revolutionary naval warfare innovations with a horizon of 30-50 years in the future.

Complexity Digest

If you don't already subscibe to this weekly e-newsletter, you can get it here.   Subscribe, and then peruse the archives.   The Who's Who and What's What of the complexity community, ComDig is reporting from the front lines at every conference and from every journal.

Cosma Shalizi

A one-man innovation center, Cosma's homepage is a treasure trove of ideas, research, links and musings.   Visit it often: it keeps going, and going, and going …

Entropy and Information

MIT has decided that entropy is too important to be left to thermodynamics.   Every freshman may one day be required to take this course.   And just when you thought you had the thermo type figured out.

Good Experience

Mark Hurst is a leader in the science of developing online experiences that work.   He is also the sponsor of the GEL conferences.   Take a look.

The Highlands Group

A policy consulting network that investigates and reports on the pragmatic use of innovative concepts well before they appear as business press trends.

Ilachinski, Dr. Andrew

Andy's website is the Mother Lode of complexity links.   His free, downloadable agent-based combat model is one of the most insightful complexity tools available to the military OR community.

The Institute for Operations Research and Management Science

The civilian counterpart of MORS, INFORMS likewise contains contains links to other OR sites, publications and OR events.

Military Operations Research Society

The epicenter of military OR.   Contains links to other OR sites, publications and OR events.


Where, Chris Meyer, the spiritual leader of the late great Center for Business Innovation is starting a new.

The New England Complex Systems Institute (NECSI)

NECSI is the host of the annual International Conference on Complex Systems (ICCS) and an important node in the New Science network.   NECSI's listserv also hosts interchanges by A-list researchers.

Nutech Solutions

A world leader in making complex business problems simple.

Office of Force Transformation

The front lines of the Transformation revolution.

Reiter's Scientific and Professional Books

You've heard of Amazon, et alia.   Reiter's consistently ships books overnight that the others need six weeks to locate (they probably order from Reiter's).   You've got to visit their DC store.

The Santa Fe Institute

Legendary in the short history of the New Sciences.   The SFI website contains a wealth of information, including a list of events and links to every working paper they sponsored.

The SWARM Corporation

Although the model is not for beginners, the SWARM site is work a surf, if for nothing else than to keep track of the state of the art and the practitioners of agent-based modeling activity.


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